Mt.Four Girls & Daocheng Yading National Park 6-Day Overland Trip

There are so many masterpieces of landscape in Western Sichuan region: Mt.Four Girls, or Mt.Sigunuang, literally four sisters mountain, is said to be the Queen of Sichuan Mountains and the oriental Alps. The four snowy peaks stand by each other in order, how beautiful it is! Yading National Park, located in Daocheng County, is regarded as the last pure land on earth. To worship the three holy mountains, and to challenge yourself to trek to Milk Lake are really unforgettable in your life. However this journey is far beyond these...if lucky enough, you can come across Tibetan people praying from forehead to knees to toes, which is an extremely heart-shaking scene. 



*Sightseeing in Yading National Park, the last Shangri-la

*A memorable journey filled with fresh air, snow-capped mountains, green forests, lakes combined with well preserved Tibetan folklore, primitive style of the natural scenery


- Tour code: CPT-WT-03

- Price: from $860 p/p

- Tour type: private tour

- Departure date: flexible

- Travel route: Chengdu - Mt.Four Girls -                                           Tagong - Xinduqiao - Daocheng                                  - Riwa (Shangri-la) - Yading -                                    Daocheng - Lithang - Xinduqiao

                           - Kangding - Luding - Ya'an -                                       Chengdu

- Trip length: 6 Days 5 nights

 Detailed itinerary:


Have lunch and a short rest in the local restaurant.


After lunch, you will go sightseeing in the essence of Mt.Four Girls Attraction, the Double Bridge Valley (Shuangqiaogou). The main viewpoints inside Double Bridge Valley are: Valley of Yin and Yang, Hunter’s Peak, Seabuckthorn Forest Alley. Exchange to the sightseeing bus, you can decide to stop at any viewpoints and then walk to take photos. You will experience the Tibetan pasture landscape including snow peaks, grassland and forests.


In the afternoon after returning to the attraction gate by sightseeing bus, exchange to your private van, and then transfer to restaurant to have dinner.


In the evening you are free to explore Rilong, the small town.

Chengdu - 70 km - Yingxiu Town - 49 km - Wolong - 98 km - Rilong Town


In the morning, your private tour guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel in Chengdu. Western Sichuan overland journey begins! Driving out of downtown Chengdu, firstly travel through Duwen Expressway that connects Dujiangyan and Yingxiu Town. After that, transfer from Yingxiu to Wolong, generally entering Tibetan region. You will feel you are getting into another world, filled with green mountains and blue sky instead of tall buildings in the city. At around noon time, arrive in Rilong Town, which is also named Mt.Four Girls Town now.


Have lunch in the local restaurant of Danba County.


After lunch, travel along Yak River, you will have a stop at a viewing stage to overlook Yala Snow Mountain, literally White Yak Mountain in the east. Arrive in Tagong after Bamei. Tagong, in Tibetan it means a place that even the immortals do not want to leave. When Princess Wencheng in Tang Dynasty married with Srongtsen Gampo, the king of Tibet, she carried a statue of Sakyamuni in her dowry. When she went by Tagong from Xi’an, the statue stopped and couldn’t be moved. The officials of Tang central court had to build Tagong Monastery to put statue inside and then took another holy statue of Sakyamuni to enter Tibet. You are going to visit Tagong Monastery, which is a must-see spot together with Tagong Grassland.

Rilong Town - 123 km - Danba County - Bamei - 109 km - Tagong - 37 km - Xindu Bridge


Continue your off-road trip deeply into west Sichuan’s Tibetan region. Today in the morning you will be transferred to Danba County. Danba, which was called Jiarong, means the Tibetan people living in one of the four great valleys of Tibetan region. It is now well known as the Kingdom of Thousand Watchtowers. You will have an external view of the Suopo Watchtower Cluster. The dozens of stone watchtowers that dot this area really catch your eyes. 

Later transfer to Xindu Bridge. The road connecting Tagong and Xindu Bridge is a 33-km landscape promenade.The wriggling river, colorful Mani stones with Buddhism scriptures, Tibetan houses, your eyes are full of marvelous scenery that you might feel only a few seconds you are already at Xindu Bridge, the paradise for photographers.

Have dinner in the local restaurant and then check into hotel.. Enjoy the peaceful evening of Tibetan small town.


After breakfast, transfer by car to cross Gaoersi Mounatain(4412 m), and then Jianziwan Mountain (4659 m), Kazila Mountain (4718 m). Arrive in Lithang, the pearl on the plateau and the highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 4014 m. 


Have lunch in Lithang local restaurant.

Later you will continue travelling on the road to Daocheng County. You would pass by the Sangdui Grassland, Zunsheng Tower Forest, in which you can choose to have a stop for both rest as well as pictures. While enjoying the stunning views along the way, you will get to today's destination and also this trip's farthest point: Shangri-la Town. 

After dinner, have a good rest in the hotel for the following day's wonderful view.

Xindu Bridge - 68 km - Yajiang County - 137 km - Lithang - 148 km - Daocheng County - 77 km - Shangri-la Town


In the morning, drive to Yading National Park, and then exchange to sightseeing bus. Head for Longlongba, and then hike to Luorong Yak Farm. Luorong Pasture (4150 m) is an alpine pasture surrounded by three sacred snow mountains. Gongga River flows through the pasture, leaving a charming harmonious picture of moving tickled streams combined with still wooden house, blue sky and green grassland. The nature and creature also integrated with each other harmoniously. If you like, you can rent a horse for riding. The trail is just in the beautiful valley of virgin forest. If the weather is fine, you will have the chance to have a glimpse at the 3 holy peaks of Yading one by one. Jambeyang (or Jampelyang, Yangmaiyong), Chanadorje (or Xianuoduoji) and Chenresig (or Chenrezig, Xiannairi).

You will have a packed lunch today inside Yading National Park.

Yading National Park


Route inside Yading National Park: exchange to sightseeing bus - 34km - Longlongba - 3.4km - Zhaguanbeng - trekking 0.5km - Chonggu Monastery - exchange to shuttle bus - 6.7 km - Luorong Yak Farm - exchange to shuttle bus - 6.7 km - trekking 0.5km - Chonggu Monastery - Pearl Lake - Zhaguanbeng - exchange to sightseeing bus - 34km – exit of Yading National Park

Later walk to Chonggu Monastery, with an altitude of 3,880 meters, stands at the foot of Mount Xiannairi. Chonggu Monastery is like a gate to paradise, because from here we can glut your eyes on three sacred mountains, a meadow full of beautiful flowers and precipitous Yading Gorge. It also likes a guardian to safeguard the sacred Shambhala. 


Return to Zhaguanbeng to take the sightseeing bus back. After you are back to the exit gate, change to the private van and transfer to hotel. 


After breakfast, enjoy the nice view of Daocheng's morning. And then drive back to Lithang. Visit Lithang Monastery,built in 1580 AD by the 3rd Dalai Lama. Lithang Monastery is also named Changqing chunker Monastery, meaning Maitreya-Holy Wheel Temple in Tibetan. Changqing Chunke'er, literally the wheel of transmigration turns unceasingly and fine truth will exist forever. It is now the largest Gelu Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism with the longest history in Kham region.  


Have lunch in Lithang, and then continue driving to Xindu Bridge. Overnight at local hotel. 

*The tour guide will manage to visit Lithang Monastery either on Day 3 or Day 5 according to road situation.

Shangri-la Town - 77 km - Daocheng - 150km - Lithang - Lithang Monastery - 140km - Xindu Bridge


Transfer to Kangding via Mt. Zheduo (4200 m). And proceed to head for Luding County. Visit the 400 year-old Luding Iron Chain Bridge over Dadu River.


After lunch, drive another 5 hours from Luding to Chengdu. Go through the Mt. Erlang Tunnel en route, which is 4700 meters long.


Arrive in Chengdu in the early evening. Transfer to hotel.

Xindu Bridge - Kangding - 50 km - Luding County - 140 km - Ya'an City - 170 km - Chengdu


 China Panda Tour's experienced travel consultant 1 on 1 service 24hours/7days from inquiry to back home;

  Entrance tickets to listed viewpoints in the itinerary & necessary shuttle bus/cable car/sightseeing bus tickets;  

√  Escorted by experienced English-speaking tour guide;

  Meals mentioned in the itinerary;

  Private transfers with professional driver between hotel/attraction/airport/railway station/restaurant as listed in the itinerary;

√  Booking of flight/train/cruise tickets per your preferences;

  Accommodation in each city, hotel level/feature is decided by your choice;

√  Traveler's accidental insurance.



-- This itinerary can be flexibly adjusted according  to your requests. You can change the order, or extend the tour with more cities or days, or even shorten it with deleting any cities or days. Our professional travel consultant will help you revise the itinerary until suiting your schedule.

-- China Panda Tour also provides French/German/Spanish/Russian/Cantonese/Mandarin-speaking tour guide service.

-- If you only want to rent a car for your trip, please kindly inform us. China Panda Tour's professional drivers would provide you with satisfying service.


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