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 As the hometown of Giant Panda, Chengdu owns many popular attractions. Other than the cute pandas, there are lovely Kuanzhai Alleys, amazing Jinli Old Street, leisure tea houses,  and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in nearby city, Leshan Giant Buddha cut during the Tang Dynasty & Buddhism Holy Mount Emei. So much fun are waiting for your discovery! 

Popular Destinations on Map

China is a vast country with a history of 5,000 years. There are so many sights waiting for you to explore and appreciate in our beautiful China. Among the numerous tourist destinations, we have selected some of the most popular tourist destinations. China Panda Tour's tour packages shall show not only the natural landscape, culture & history, folklore & customs, but also share useful recommendation of local food, entertainment, shopping, etc, making your China trip easy & fun. 


China Panda Tour has selected 8 top destinations in China for you. These hot destinations are mentioned, asked and booked most by our visitors. We also listed best-seller packages of each destination, showing the essence of there. If you do not know where to start or how to choose from, contact us directly for recommendation!  


Want an different travel into China? No problem. China Panda Tour is experienced in breaking the routine. Through our carefully designed in-depth tours, you can touch China's culture, comprehend its history, explore the mystery, cultivate the temperament and have the opportunity to communicate with the local people consciously and autonomously. By private escorted tours, you will have more time and chances to dabble in local customs and daily life, experience the local cultural characteristics. We are here waiting for your coming, always.

SHANXI - History & Culture
GUIZHOU - Colorful Minorities
QINGHAI - Nature & Tibetan Buddhism
YUNNAN - All Sources of Tourism
MT.HUANGSHAN - Best Mountain
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