Zhangjiajie-Photographer's Paradise

Zhangjiajie-Photographer's Paradise

With thousands of steep peaks rising, hundreds of streams meandering, Zhangjiajie has an unique landform - quartz sand peak forest wonders known as the fairyland!

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace Fields

Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace Fields

No matter how flowery words are used to describe the land in Yuanyang, they all look pale;no matter how great a photographer is, he is too exited when he is in this land.

Huizhou Style Ancient Villages

Huizhou Style Ancient Villages

Traditional Chinese ancient style architecture, this is what you are searching for...

A World of Light and Shadow

Travel, is to feel the mountains and rivers brought by the visual stunning. Photography, is the collection of beautiful moments, recording the wonderful time. The charm of nature, is to overlay the world's best color perfectly, and then brush the most appropriate good outline into the four seasons. China's Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter have different kinds of scenery: romantic Spring, Warm Summer, Gorgeous Autumn, Charming Winter, are attracting groups of people who love photography and travel. You can see sunlight moving out of clouds in the morning, and view setting sun falling down in the evening. And those moments are recorded, portrayed in everyone's heart. Colorful lakes, snowed peaks, running cascades...Every ripple of lake light, every slanting drizzle, are worthy of your pressing the shutter.

*Photography Tour Packages in China

China Panda Tour's professional team has designed special tour itineraries for photographers. Our perfect combination of photography and travel, walking and shooting, showing the most beautiful scenery and leaving the best memory to you. Take your camera on your trip, and record your journey, let us do the rest of things. You shall touch China's rich beauty in religion, humanity, geographical landform, natural scenery, wildlife...We provide private services that take you close to the purest scenery. China Panda Tour's senior tour guides will escort you to find the best position and time to chase the most beautiful light for shooting. 

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