China High-speed Railway

China High-speed Railway

Experience China Speed - safe & fast

Sightseeing little train

Sightseeing little train

Ride on the little train along Chaka Salt Lake

The last steam train in the world

The last steam train in the world

Take Jiayang steam train to, returning to the old industrial times..

Train Travel in China

Slow train travel is creeping back in. Of all the modes of travel, train travel is the oldest and most leisurely. During the day, the sun shines warmly through the window, and the green fields or snowy mountains flash by outside the window, like a moving landscape. At night, the sound of hammering on the rails could be clearly heard. Overhead, the stars were shining like never seen before. The old days appeared again. There are many kinds of travel in the world. Some travel is to broaden horizons; some travel to experience different lifestyles. Perhaps the journey on the railway is more like a cleansing and polishing of the mind, you might find the past time, relive the youth of melancholy, you can also release negative emotions, change the mood in this light travel. China Panda Tour provides various of train tours, long-line or short-term. Ride on trains to tour around China becomes more and more fashionable, train travel Start a nostalgic train trip in China at once!

*Popular Train Tours

The following are hot packages to help you tailor your own train travel. Tell us what you prefer, our dedicated travel experts will create a unique tour to suit your demands.

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China High-speed Train

Tibetan,Bai,Miao,Zhuang & Yao ethnic folklore

From: US$ 2,582p/p




China High-speed Train

Night train to Lhasa

From: US$ 2,671p/p




No inland flights

With China's essential sites

From: US$ 1,024p/p


Martial Art Culture

Giant Panda's hometown

From: US$ 1,186p/p



Culture & Adventure

Unique Karst landform

Include most highlight sites

From: US$ 907p/p



Moderate pace

Culture & Nature

Include most highlight sites

From: US$ 1,123p/p


*China Railway System

China's railway construction started in the late Qing Dynasty. After more than a century of construction and development, China's total railway mileage reached 131,000km by the end of 2018, ranking the second in the world. Among them, high-speed railways cover nearly 30,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. The rate of railway double-line and electrification respectively reached 57% and 67% in China, ranking second and first in the world respectively.

In China, railway is an important national infrastructure and a popular means of transportation. It plays a key role in China's comprehensive transportation system. China has a vast territory, a large population and uneven distribution of resources. Therefore, economical and fast railways generally have greater advantages and become a widely used mode of transportation.

In recent years, China's railways are divided into high-speed railways, quick-speed railways and ordinary railways. In China Panda Tour's tour packages, these three kinds of railways are often used according to schedule or flight situations. It is also a good choice to take trains instead of flights for stable control of time.

High-speed Train







China Railway High-speed (CRH) refers to all new railway lines within the territory of the People's Republic of China with design speed up to 200km/h or above and some existing railway lines after transformation. By introducing and innovating, China has developed both "harmony" (China Railway high-speed) and "fuxing" (China standard) bullet trains. By the end of 2018, China's high-speed rail mileage exceeded 29,000 kilometers, accounting for more than two-thirds of the world's total and more than all other countries combined. In 2019, China plans to ensure that 3,200km of new high-speed rail lines are put into operation. 

Traditional Train







China's ordinary speed railway refers to passenger dedicated lines with a speed of no more than 140km/h. It is slower and older than the high-speed trains, but it is still essential if you want to do train travel without flights in China, or have an overnight stay on the train to save some time for your trip. In China Panda Tour's packages, there are some railway routes usually mentioned that are with ordinary speed trains: Zhangjiajie to Guilin or the way back, Xining to Lhasa or the way back, from Yichang to Xi'an or the way back. Besides, you can also choose night trains from Beijing to Xi'an, from Xi'an to Chengdu to replace the present CRH trains if you want. 


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